aloha I am Myriam

Growing up in the mountains, I am a passionate snowboarder and surfer with a great love for Mountains, Sea and Ocean. When I have the opportunity to travel, I’m always drawn to the ocean and can’t wait to jump on a surfboard and catch some waves. Today the ocean has completely taken control of me, so I spend more and more time by the sea than in the mountains. Today I would like to take you on an exciting journey of discovery into the world of ”Contrology”.

I discovered Pilates during my trip to Hawaii in 2019. I trained regularly for a month on the reformer to improve my condition for surfing. Very quickly I felt a big difference, my sessions in the water became longer and paddling easier. I completely fell in love with Pilates and its philosophy. From that moment on, I knew that I would do the Lolita’s Legacy training when I returned to Switzerland. Since I started, I have been training 6 days a week to better understand and become more familiar with the anatomy and the whole body and how it functions.

Pilates was created through rehabilitation, the first people were soldiers and dancers

Since young, dance was and is very present in my life.

I started with classical dance (ballet and jazz) and continued my education during many years with other dance styles like hip-hop, breakdance and salsa. This passion led me to become a member of a dance group oriented to the dance styles of jazz and hip-hop.

We trained hard to be able to participate in the Swiss Street Dance Championship. As well as stage performances, shows: All the Jazz, Moulin Rouge, Can Can, Grease, Michael Jackson, Bollywood and many more we presented for special occasions and events.

For several years I worked for sports camps in summer and winter, as a snowboard and Zumba instructor, and in human resources, sales, marketing, event and project management and development.

Today I am looking for more interaction between body, mind and soul. With Pilates I finally found that ”life balance” that always accompanies me in my everyday life and in all my sports activities.

“You are as young as your spine is flexible”

With my Pilates classes, I want to share that same feeling with you. As surfers we love challenges, real challenges, I’m happy to guide you into this philosophy of life.

I’ve created a 3-month online training program for you with 60 minutes of video workouts per week + BONUS tutorials to go along with it, which you can train anywhere, when and how much you want, the way you like it best, perfectly adapted to your weekly program. IN ADDITION, we train together 60 minutes per week LIVE Online with your very own personal training plan, individually adapted to your physical condition.

This online training program is a great training for you to prepare perfectly for your next surf trip, next surf vacation, surf trip or surf session. What is more fun when you get on the surfboard FIT, balanced and with 100% POWER and immediately surf super waves with ease and feel no muscle soreness after the surf session?!

My training program also helps you a lot to protect yourself from injuries. PRACTICE – PERSEVERANCE – PATIENCE

Let’s get started today and ”let’s do it together & let it flow”.

As an international Pilates Teacher and Coach with over 1000 hours ”observing”, ”theorizing”, ”practicing” and ”teaching”, I will guide you online or live throughout Europe and worldwide.

I am glad to meet you !



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